Start of KMR#7: photograph: Peter Lowndes

Welcome to the new webpages of the KMR Series
The KMR Series is a collection of 12 races, 4 of which are organised by each of Kimberworth Striders, Maltby Running Club and Rotherham Harriers & AC.
The events are all held in or around Rotherham, South Yorkshire and the season stretches typically from March to December.
Whilst we are running but not allowed to compete in races:

We challenge you to run a virtual course for each of the series races
If you report your race, we will count it as a race done in the 2020 series
But there is no race position, we don't need your time
As in the real series you need 8 races to qualify

Normal KMR Series Activity is here below for your reference: we will resume the series whenever circumstances permit
Some key points about the NORMAL NON-LOCKDOWN series:
• We welcome all clubs and all runners affiliated or not
• Each race is a race in it's own right, there may be different awards etc
• The entry costs will typically be the same
• Whilst being seriously competitive, they are very friendly events
• Very low cost of entry for such well-organised races
• Entry allowed on the day/evening
• Distances typically from 4 miles up to around 8
• Refreshments provided after eg sandwiches, rolls, chips, ....
• Series awards open and 5-year vet groups
• Suits all standards; suits beginners