Your Race Report/ Results


Race Date: Thursday 13th August: Run on 12th, 13th or 14th if possible


Age limit 15 on the day

If you're not near enough, find a course as similar as you can, run it and report that
Should be 5 miles approximately by my map but Helen Doyle's trace (above, many thanks Helen) shows 4,03 miles.
What is certain is it shows the difficulty of tracing a course through a dense wood.

Many distant runners enjoy matching the terrain

Risk Assessment and Emergency Issues

• Runners should plan a course which is as safe as possible and should bear in mind that emergency assistance and marshaling in the real race is not present in the virtual event
• You should carry details of your identity and emergency contact of your own
• Do not run if you have any medical condition (temporary or permanent) which could be an issue
• Ensure someone is aware when and where you are taking part in the virtual event and inform them when you have com-pleted it
• Obey social distancing and other covid-19 advice and requirements

Race detail

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