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With relaxation of 'lockdown' runners are widely running the actual course
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Results are in order of receipt

Scholes Coppice KMR8

01Brenda KingRHWales- virtual course
02Paula FisherRHactual course
03Neil ShawRHactual course
04Pete HumphriesRHactual course
05Wenday WhitakerRHactual course
06Pat BeightonRHactual course
07Tiffany StarkRHactual course
08Janet DuttonRHactual course
09Gill TaylorRHactual course
10Claire LeversRHactual course
11Daniel LeversRHactual course
12Richard GreenRHactual course
13Tony SarjeantRHactual course
14Sab AkramRHactual course
15Becky MarsdenRHactual course
16Lindsay WhitakerRHactual course
17Anne HomerRHactual course
18Sian DickinsonRHactual course
19Simon DickinsonRHactual course
20Gillian NealRHactual course
21Helen DoyleKSactual course
22John DuttonRHactual course
23Michael LindleyRHStarbek- virrtual course
24Pat RooneyRHDarton- virtual course
25Marrtin KnightMRCactual course
26Karen CleminsonMRCactual course
27Christine StimpsonMRCvirrtual course
28Gail BarberjMRCactual course
29Linda RossMRCactual course
30Caroline BoydMRCactual course

Scholes Coppice KMR8

01Caroline BoydMRCactual new course
02Gail BarberMRCactual new course
03Helen DoyleKSactual new course
04Paula FisherRHactual new course
05Pete HumphriesRHactual new course
06Steve LowndesKSboth courses
07John DuttonRHvirtual course: Swinton
08Keith PaddockMRCvirtual course
09Pat RooneyKSvirtual: Penistone-Dunford Bridge
10Martin KnightMRCboth courses plus
11Karen CleminsonMRCboth courses plus
12Janet DuttonRHactual new course
13Gill TaylorRHactual new course
14Sharon BurtonRHactual course
15Wendy WhitakerRHactual course
16Brenda KingRHactual course
17Helen HollingworthRHactual course
18Tony SarjeantRHactual course
19Daniel LeversRHactual course
20Adele MorrisRH2actual course
21Sasha GallagherRHactual course
22Keith StoreyRHactual course
23Neil ShawRHactual new course
24Michael LindleyRHactual new course
25Paul ListerRHactual new course
26Becky MarsdenRHactual course
27Lindsay WhitakerRHactual course
28Gillian NealRHactual course
29Bob RowlandRHactual course
30Kate GreenRHactual course
31Alison BrownRHactual course
32Christine StimpsonMRCvirtual: Retford
33Malcolm SeniorKSactual course

Toffee Run KMR7

01Martin KnightMRCvirtual: Wickersley
02Karen CleminsonMRCvirtual: Wickersley
03Steve LowndesKSvirtual: Scholes
04Janet DuttonRHactual course
05Gill TaylorRHactual course
06Helen HollingworthRHactual course
07Christine StimpsonRHvirtual: Maltby
08Helen DoyleKSactual course
09Steve LowndesMRCvirtual: Scholes
10Steve LowndesKSvirtual: Scholes
11Neil ShawRHvirtual:Silverwood Rec
12Malcolm SeniorKSvirtual; Scholes
13Sharon BurrtonRHvirtual; Woodsetts
14Philippa JamesRHvirtual: Woodsetts
15Michael LindleyRHvirtual:Harrogate
16Keith PaddockMRCvirtual;
17Pat RooneyRHvirtual; Bretton
18Pete HumphriesRHactual course
19Paula FisherRHactual course
20John DuttonRHactual course
21Gail BarberMRCactual course
22Chris MullarkeyRHactual course
23Caroline BoydMRCactual course
24Brenda KingRHvirtual course
25 Wendy WhitakerRHvirtual course
26 Pat BeightonRHvirtual course
27 Jenny HoranRHvirtual course
28 Becky MarsdenRHvirtual course
29 Lindsay WhitakerRHvirtual course
30James JoinerRHactual course

Butchers Dogleg KMR6

01Malcolm SeniorKSvirtual course Greasbro
02Karen CleminsonMRCactual course
03Keith PaddockMRCactual course
04Steve LowndesKSRedscope, Kimb. Park
05Gillian NealRHactual course
06Sasha GallagherRHactual course
07Lindsay WhitakerRHvirtual course Wickerskey
08James JoinerRHactual course
09John DuttonRHactual course
10Helen HollingworthRHactual course
11Carol DeakinRHactual course
12Tiffany StarkRHactual course
13Sabi AkramRHactual course
13Tony SarjeantRHactual course
14Daniel LeversRHactual course
15Janet DuttonRHactual course
16Gill TaylorRHactual course
17Gail BarberMRCfrom CB
18Caroline BoydMRCactual course
19Paula FisherRHactual course
20Martin KnightMRCactual course
21Helen DoyleKSvirtual course
22Brenda KingRHvirtual: Herringthorpe
23Wendy WhitakerRHvirtual: Herringthorpe
24Helen HollingworthRHvirtual: Herringthorpe
25Pat BeightonRHvirtual: Herringthorpe
26Jenny HoranRHvirtual: Herringthorpe
27Christine StimpsonMRCvirtual: Retford
28Sharon BurtonRHactual course
29Philippa JamesRHactual course
30Pat RooneyKSvirtual: Darton
31Neal ShawRHactual course
32Pete HumphriesRHactual course
33Michael LindleyRHvirtual:Harrogate
34Becky MarsdenRHvirtual course Wickerskey

Rockingham 5k KMR5

01Sharon BurtonRHAbbey Dash area 20/7/20
02Philippa JamesRHAbbey Dash area 20/7/20
03Caroline BoydMRCAbbey Dash area 20/7/20
04Steve LowndesKSmainly new course 22/7/20
05Karen CleminsonMRCWickersley 22/7/20
06Martin KnightMRCWickersley 22/7/20
07Malcolm SeniorKSnew course 22/7/20
08John DuttonRHold course 22/7/20
09Paul ClemmensRHold course 22/7/20
10Tiffany StarkRHold course 22/7/20
11Lisa RylesRHold course 22/7/20
12Claire LeversRHold course 22/7/20
13Daniel LeversRHold course 22/7/20
14Sabi AkramRHold course 22/7/20
15Tony SarjeantRHold course 22/7/20
16Helen HollingworthRHold course 22/7/20
17James JoinerRHold course 22/7/20
18Keith StoreyRHold course 22/7/20
19Sasha GallagherRHold course 22/7/20
20Aimee GallagherRHold course 22/7/20
21Gillian NealRHold course 22/7/20
22Rachel RoutleyRHold course 22/7/20
23Michelle EddisonRHold course 22/7/20
24Becky MarsdenRHold course 22/7/20
25Lindsay WhitakerRHold course 22/7/20
26Helen DoyleRHold course 22/7/20
27Janet DuttonRHold course 22/7/20
28Rachel RoutleyRHold course 22/7/20
29Michelle EddisonRHold course 22/7/20
30Christine StimpsonMRCactual course 22/7/20
31Paula FisherRHboth courses 23/7/20
32Pete HumphriesRHboth courses 23/7/20
33Neil ShawRHRavenfield 22/7/20
34Gill TaylorRHold course 22/7/20
35Vicki BeckittKSold course 23/7/20
36Claire ChapmanKSold course 23/7/20
37Sarah MillnsKSold course 23/7/20
38Earl LeverKSold course 23/7/20
39Yvonne Howitt KSold course 23/7/20
40John FullerKSold course 23/7/20
41Pat RooneyKSold course 23/7/20
42Michael LindleyRHStarbeck 22/7/20
43Gill TaylorRHold course 22/7/20
44Keith PaddockMRCvirtual course 22/7/20
45Gail BarberMRCfrom CB
46Wendy WhitakerRHold course
47Brenda KingRHold course

Abbey Dash KMR4

01Steve LowndesKSlocal route 5m+ 30/6/20
02Karen CleminsonMRCactual route 30//6/20
03Martin KnightMRCactual route 30/6/20
04Becky MarsdenRHlactual route 30/6/20
05Lindsay WhitakerRHactual route 30//6/20
06Brenda KingRHactual route 30/6/20
07Helen HollingworthRHlactual route 30/6/20
08Wendy WhitakerRHactual route 30//6/20
09Patricia BeightonRHactual route 30/6/20
10Janet DuttonRHactual route 2/7/20
11Gill TaylorRHactual route 2/7/20
12Alison BrownRHactual route 2/7/20
13Gillian NealRHactual route 30/6/20
14Adele MorrisKS/RH(2)actual route 2/7/20
15Sasha GallagherRHactual route 2/7/20
16Aimee GallagherRHactual route 2/7/20
17Bob RowlandRHactual route 2/7/20
18Rachel RoutleyRHactual route 2/7/20
19Joanne PickfordRHactual route 2/7/20
20Maggie SteelRHactual route 2/7/20
21Keith StoreyRHactual route 2/7/20
22Caroline BoydMRCactual route 1/7/20
23Philippa JamesRHactual route 1/7/20
24Sharon BurtonRHactual route 1/7/20
25Paula FisherRHactual route 1/7/20
26Anne TellingRawmarsh RParkgate-Greasbrough 2/7/20
27Malcolm SeniorKSScholes Coppice 1/7/20
28Malcolm RhodesRHWhiston trails 2/7/20
29Pete HumphriesRHactual route 2/7/20
30Daniel LeversRHactual route 2/7/20
31Christine StimpsonMRCHaworth-Scrooby 1/7/20
32Michael LindleyRHStarbeck 1/7/20
33John DuttonRHKilnhurst 2/7/20
34Helen DoyleKSvia Pat R 3/7/20
35Vivki BeckittKSvia Pat R 3/7/20
36Claire ChapmanKSvia Pat R 3/7/20
37Sarah MillnsKSvia Pat R 3/7/20
38Earl LeverKSvia Pat R 3/7/20
39John FullerKSvia Pat R 3/7/20
40Pat RooneyKSvia Pat R 3/7/20
41Neil ShawRHRavenfield 1/7/20
42Keith PaddockMRCactual course
43Gail BarberMRCfrom CB

Ulley Res KMR3

01Dorota PalacRHactual course 1000 15/6/20
02Pete HumphriesRHactual course 1000 15/6/20
03Gillian NealRHactual course 15/6/20
04Sharon BurtonRHwalk 5m(injd) Shireoaks pit top 15/6/20
05Backy MarsdenRHactual course 15/6/20
06John DuttonRHCreighton Woods 16/6/20
07Janet DuttonRHactual course 16/6/20
08Gill TaylorRHactual course 16/6/20
09Adele MorrisRH(2)/KSactual course 16/6/20
10Lisa RylesRHactual course 16/6/20
11Christine StimpsonMRCactual course 16/6/20
12River Xavieruaactual course 16/6/20
13Anne TellingRawmarsh Runnersactual course 16/6/20
14Helen HollingworthRHactual course 17/6/20
15Caroline BoydMRCactual course 17/6/20
16Wendy WhitakerRHactual course 17/6/20
17Brenda KingRHactual course 17/6/20
18Michael LindleyRH5m Great Yorks Showground 17/6/20
19Malcolm SeniorKSScholes Coppice/ Keppels17/6/20
20Karen CleminsonMRCactual course 17/6/20
21Andrea Hansel-hidesKillamarsh/RHactual course 17/6/20
22Paul MarshallKSactual course 17/6/20
23Helen DoyleKSactual course 17/6/20
24Kevin DoyleKS5m offroad R'msh/ Wentworth / Grsbgh 17/6/20
25Paula FisherRHactual course 17/6/20
26Malcolm RhodesRHWhiston Footpaths 17/6/20
27Martin KnightMRCactual course + 5 17/6/20
28Pat RooneyKSfrom PR
29Neil ShawRHRavenfld/Thrybergh 5.4m 17/6/20
30Claire ChapmanKSfrom PR
31Vicki BeckittKSfrom PR
32Sarah MillnsKSfrom PR
33Lauren ThirlwallKSfrom PR
34Sam ToddKSfrom PR
35Keith PaddockMRCfrom BL
36Gail BarberMRCfrom BL
37Daniel LeversRHactual course
38Claire LeversRHactual course
39Carole DeakinRHactual course

Kimmy Kanter KMR2

01Andrea Hansel-HidesKillamarsh Kestrels/ RHKiveton Colliery site (course map)
02Dorota PalacRHactual course 9.00 1/6/20
03Pete HumphriesRHactual course 9.00 1/6/20
04Brenda KingRHClumber Park run total 6m off road undulating
05Gillian NealRHactual course 2/6/20
06Becky MarsdenRHactual course 2/6/20
07Janet DuttonRHactual course 2/6/20
08Caroline BoydMRCAbbey Dash route 460f elev 7am 2/6/20
09Kevin DoyleKSRawmarsh Balk La 5m map
10Tony SarjeantRH4m road run
11Malcolm SeniorKSactual course 18.43 2/6/20
12Sharon BurtonRHShireoaks, Chesterfd Canal 2/6
13Neil ShawRHcopy course, Ravenfield 2/6
14Helen HollingworthRHWickersley 2/6
15Paula FisherRHSilverwood Pit reclam.3/6
16Malcolm RhodesRHSpinneyfield/Canklow
17John DuttonRHCreighton Wood Swinton
18Christine StimpsonMRCHarworth top woods
19Michael LindleyRHHarrogate Town Centre
20Wendy WhitakerRHCanklow Woods
21Michelle EddisonRHused Ulley area
22Sasha GallagherRHused Ulley area
23Jenny HoranRHTreeton 2 laps x 2 loops
24Gill TaylorRHWheata Wood/Grenoside
25Helen DoyleKSreal course assumed
26Claire ChapmanKSreal course assumed
27Vicki BeckittKSreal course assumed
28Sarah MillnsKSreal course assumed
29Yvonne HowittKSreal course assumed
30Tracy LeverKSreal course assumed
31Earl LeverKSreal course assumed
32Olivia AbellKSreal course assumed
33Pat RooneyKSreal course assumed
34Karen CleminsonMRCreal course assumed
35Martin KnightMRCreal course assumed
36Keith PaddockMRCreal course assumed
37Aimee GalagherRHreal course
38Nancy BanksRHreal course
39Joanne PickfordRHreal course
40Bob RowlandRHreal course
41Catherine EddisonRHreal course
42Gail BarberMRCfrom CB

Memorial Race KMR1

01Paula FisherRHSilverwood Rec, Wickersley. Thurcroft, Wick
02Brenda KingRHreal route from home
03John DuttonRHSwinton Warren Vale Abdey
04Emma DuttonDragons/Leeds BU -(&RH)Swinton Warren Vale Abdey
05Michelle EddisonRHEastwood Clifton Rotherham
06Mike BrownClowne RRElmton- fields, farm tracks, up to Bolsover
07Pete HumphriesRHListerdale-Dalton, Ravenfield, Wick
08Steve LowndesKS
09Caroline BoydMRCreal route from home
10Michael LindleyRHHarrogate Town Centre
11Jenny HoranRHTreeton Old Pit, Dyke, Catcliffe
12Wendy WhitakerRHWhiston- gorse- Wickersely
13Gill TaylorRH
14Gillian NealRHBramley, Carr, Windmill, Hooton Levitt
15Janet DuttonRHSwinton- Wath
16Neil ShawRHSilverwood Rec. Thrybergh, Ravenfield
17Alison BrownRHBrecks, Whiston, Ulley
18Nancy BanksRHbig hill injured
19Helen HollingworthRHWickersley Wood, Bramley, Ravenfield, Flanderwell
20Aimee GallagherRH
21Sasha GallagherRH
22Becky MarsdenRHBrecks Whiston Upper W, Ulley Res
23Malcolm SeniorKSScholes Wood, Grange, Droppingwell Wood
24Anne TellingRawmarsh RRawmarsh, Incline, Haugh, Hoober
25Martin KnightMRC
26Karen CleminsonMRC
27Barbara LowndesMRCMisson. No hills near but 18 miles makes up!.
28James JoinerRHKilnhurst- Hooton Rob. Ravenfield- Thrybergh
29Keith StoreyRHKimberworth Pk Greasbrough Rockingham
30Kevin DoyleKS
33Claire ChapmanKS
32Joanne BoltonKS off road hilly Woolley Coll/Grange
33Patrick RooneyKS off road hilly Woolley Coll/Grange
34Joanne MatthesonMRCMaltby- simlulated course
35Keith PaddockMRCMaltby- simulated course
36Gail BarberMRCreal route from home
37Christine StimpsonMRCHarworth Scrooby Serlby