Report a Race Done / Results


launching Monday 11 May


Race Date: Tuesday 2nd June: Run on 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Photo is Kanter Start in 2017

If you live near enough, just run the course and report you've done it . Don't break 'lockdown' rules
If you're not near enough, find a course as similar as you can, run it and report that
Must be 4 miles (or two-mile circuit done twice)
The photo is the start of the Kanter 2017, but this location is now the start of the winter Santa Special. The Kanter now starts on the outer corner of the football field (green in diagram) and heads south, which is often muddy for 100m or so then uphill. Then curve back and sharp down into the wood. The move is to avoid congestion on the narrow uphill path which was about 200m after the old start (more below...)
If possible, match the terrain

Course Descriptions and Race Dates


See below for course detail (not complete yet)

Basic Sections:
After you drop into the wood, all the wood section is undulating. There is no serious hill, but no level either. Rough paths for the most part.

After emerging from the wood, just after the 1 mile marker: grassland, gentle downhill, level, gentle-ish uphill. Then rough grass path and to the half-way beside the golf driving range.
The orange dots define a shorrt-cut to the 'downhill into wood' for the second time; so the laps are about equal as second time after the driving range you will swing sharp left to finish as shown (red)

Race History