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Race Date: Tuesday 16th June: Run on 15, 16 or 17th.

If you live near enough, just run the course and report you've done it . Don't break 'lockdown' rules
If you aim to drive to the course area, note that the cricket club parking is not available currently and we advise you use the roads between the chucrh and the village. We will review this during the next 2 weeks.

If you're not near enough, find a course as similar as you can, run it and report that
Must be 5 miles approximately
The photo is the start of Ulley Res 2018,

If possible, match the terrain

Risk Assessment and Emergency Issues

• Runners should plan a course which is as safe as possible and should bear in mind that emergency assistance and marshaling in the real race is not present in the virtual event
• You should carry details of your identity and emergency contact of your own
• Do not run if you have any medical condition (temporary or permanent) which could be an issue
• Ensure someone is aware when and where you are taking part in the virtual event and inform them when you have com-pleted it
• Obey social distancing and other covid-19 advice and requirements

Race detail

The race dates back to 2006 (some details will be added below later) and has been effectively the same layout each year:
[1] Start on the cricket field, marshalled exit past the church and on to Doles Lane
[2] a long flat and uphill out, very short road, long difficult downhill track
[3] a flat run along fields and stream in the valley bottom
[4] keeping right, round the small section of Ulley Reservoir
[5] reverse of [3]
[5] reverse of [2] to finish which is short of the road

Course Descriptions and Race Dates

kk Annotated maps in preparation

See below for course detail (not complete yet)


Basic Sections:
Out and back course.with a small loop at the extremity
The loop is round the small bay of Ulley Reservoir

Full description awaited 12/6/20

It is permissible to use the actual course if you live within reach, or now by travelling, but current legislation means no groups, hence no start-time.