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Race Date: Wednesday 1st July: Run on 30 June,,1st or 2nd July

If you live near enough, just run the course and report you've done it . Don't break 'lockdown' or Covid-19 rules
This event now has a UKA Licence so non-club runners may take part.
Age limit 15 on the day

If you're not near enough, find a course as similar as you can, run it and report that
Must be 4.5 miles approximately

Many distant runners enjoy matching the terrain

Risk Assessment and Emergency Issues

• Runners should plan a course which is as safe as possible and should bear in mind that emergency assistance and marshaling in the real race is not present in the virtual event
• You should carry details of your identity and emergency contact of your own
• Do not run if you have any medical condition (temporary or permanent) which could be an issue
• Ensure someone is aware when and where you are taking part in the virtual event and inform them when you have com-pleted it
• Obey social distancing and other covid-19 advice and requirements

Race detail

The event is almost all off-road. Start and finish on rough grass.
If you go to the course, the start and finish is close (for road parking) to Catholic Club and Wesley Centre on Blyth Road.
Access the course by a short lane (Meadow Lane) opposite Millindale on Blyth Road.
Start and finish is near the gate at the bottom end of Meadow Lane

The course is challenging but the only significant climb is 100m after the second railway underpass up to Hooton Levitt

Course Descriptions and Race Dates


See below for course detail


Basic Sections:
Start towards Roche Abbey: a narrow exit from the field in the far top corner
The first section is a fairly narrow hard path running below Maltby Crags, passing under a rough ground area under a railway bridge.
Bear left a bit, keep on the high level- undulating (difficult) earth path next for about 1k to meet Gypsy Lane
Turn right at the lane, down the slope and sharp left into the abbey area at the bottom
Proceed clockwise round the abbey on the rough path, exit onto grass (right) and enter the woodland path
Very soon a right turn takes you over large stepping stones then a path out of the abbey grounds by the gate you came in.
Straight across the road, enter the wood and contune almost to the railway track
Turn left and down then a stepped path up alongside the railway line, under the line at the top
The next 2k about is on grass path (and may be poorly defined this year)- go down and back straight up turning left just before the top of rise.
Follow the path swinging right and up it becomes a track eventually reaching a right turn onto path through the field to the corner of Hooton Levitt
A quick zig-zag and path down leads to steps and Maltby Church, along the valley bottom keeping the church on your left and a couple of gates emerges to the finish.