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Race Date: Wednesday 22nd July: Run on 21st, 22nd or 23rd July

If you live near enough, you could just run the course and report you've done it . Don't break 'lockdown' or Covid-19 rules
This event now has a UKA Licence so non-club runners may take part.
Age limit 15 on the day

If you're not near enough, find a course as similar as you can, run it and report that
Must be 5k approximately

Many distant runners enjoy matching the terrain

Risk Assessment and Emergency Issues

• Runners should plan a course which is as safe as possible and should bear in mind that emergency assistance and marshaling in the real race is not present in the virtual event
• You should carry details of your identity and emergency contact of your own
• Do not run if you have any medical condition (temporary or permanent) which could be an issue
• Ensure someone is aware when and where you are taking part in the virtual event and inform them when you have com-pleted it
• Obey social distancing and other covid-19 advice and requirements

Race detail

There are two options: the old and newer course have starts only 200m apart, having been based for many years at the 'Prince of Wales' in Greasbrough and subsequently for a good while at the 'Milton Arms' on Church Street. If really needing training, you could try both the 5ks !!

Options: choose (1) Old course (2) New Course or (3) Your own version

Course Description: 'Old Course'


The race was run for a number of years on the public footpath in Fitzwilliam Estate but we could not avoid some difficulties with estate or farm work: mainly animals in the upper part of the course Course detail: start and finish at same place just inside the park gate at Coach Road where it meets Church St.

Course Description: 'New Course'


We moved from the park to the local housing estate and had a large recreation ground for start and finish. This was an accurately measured 5k but twists and turns quite a lot and is difficult to map. It looked promising at first but did not develop. Perhaps too many marshals needed. The race was due to be reassessed this year. Course detail: start and finish at same place on Greasbrough Recreation Ground