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run any time over extended weekend
11th race of the 2020 KMR virtual series

Traditional Course

Course Map


Age limit 15 on the day

The venue is off Droppingwell Lane at Kimberworth: left off Wortley Road as you leave Rotherham and 150m downhill.
Limited parking but you can usually park at the ground or in roads nearby (plenty in the football area but the gate may be closed before you arrive, or during your visit).
If you're not near enough, find a course as similar as you can, run it and report that
Should be around 5 miles.

Many distant runners enjoy matching the terrain

Race detail

The course is similar in most aspects to the Kimmy Kanter run earlier this year.
The start is in the woodland below the football field, quite near the entrance gate to the entire complex.
On the reclaimed railway track, the race stays on the starting level and takes a long outreach, swinging in a broad arc right. It exits by a right rurn up a steep baqnk (marshalled in the actual race and difficult to locate in current circumstances). At the top of the bank (50m or so) it continues to rise by a path alongside a field, exiting after 100m at the top by a right turn (200m- at this point it cuts the Kimmy Kanteer route), then a left and again up a bank (shorter!) to exit and access a long narrow wood.

The course now picks up the same field and golf range - to- finish area as the Kanter did.
(1) Continue to the second lap by keeping the football field on your left side or
(2) Run to the finish which is at the football field entrance.

Numerous parts of the race are difficult underfoot- sometimes icy in the past but this time very muddy. Country shoes or stout road shoes are advised.

Risk Assessment and Emergency Issues

• Runners should plan a course which is as safe as possible and should bear in mind that emergency assistance and marshaling in the real race is not present in the virtual event
• You should carry details of your identity and emergency contact of your own
• Do not run if you have any medical condition (temporary or permanent) which could be an issue
• Ensure someone is aware when and where you are taking part in the virtual event and inform them when you have com-pleted it
• Obey social distancing and other covid-19 advice and requirements